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Who we are

Wellstead Business Consultancy is a management consultancy that is widely recognised as the provider of choice for a broad range of corporate solutions and business consultancy services.

whoweareWellstead’s strength has always been the breadth and depth of experience that its consultants bring to any situation, and the company’s culture of ‘client first’ has long been a byword for discretion and excellence.

Formed by consultants for consultants, the Wellstead brand has been seen around the world since 2002. The global recession saw a contraction in business but with the economic recovery, Wellstead’s consultancy operation returned to the UK market for the first time in nearly a decade. Thriving nationally, Wellstead is now ready to implement its strategic move back into an international market; a new Wellstead subsidiary, ready for business and eager for the challenge, will emerge in a vibrant new business location in 2014.

Excitement at its impending new venture has not caused Wellstead to abandon its home market. Our consultants remain as ready as ever to support UK businesses with the care and diligence that clients have come to expect.

Not everything at Wellstead is strategies and spreadsheets. Actively encouraged to contribute to the Wellstead Social Responsibility Programme, the company’s staff find that giving something back to the community, and the environment in which they work is both challenging and rewarding. Supporting charities and young entrepreneurs is Wellstead’s way of enriching the lives of others and sometimes, just having lots of old fashioned fun!