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Corporate Finance & Strategy

Once the preserve of finance executives and investment bankers, rapid changes in business corporate strategy and the globalization of the capital markets have made the language and issues of modern corporate finance a critical issue for all senior executives and directors.
business strategyWellstead Business Consultancy's corporate finance and business strategy service advises on strategic issues that materially affect shareholder value. We offer advice on corporate growth, mergers and acquisitions, exit strategies, capital markets and financial policy.

Wellstead's managing consultants advise clients ranging from multi-national companies to private equity, owner-managed small businesses. 
The success of your enterprise depends on a thorough knowledge of the business you are in, understanding the sources of advantage your business has, and seizing and maintaining those advantages. 
Wellstead's strategic management consultants will take a particular interest in five crucial elements of your strategy:
  • Identifying and defining your vision and mission
  • Assessing your business corporate strategy in relation to your portfolio of business units
  • Defining the most advantageous path for specific business units
  • Strategic planning to produce the maximum effectiveness
  • Planning your future strategies
In addition you may have a need for more specific strategic requirements such as:
  • A regulatory strategy
  • A competitive response strategy that will respond to changes in the market
  • A pricing strategy to help you develop pricing and profit-optimisation strategies that will deliver and maintain advantage over your competition
  • Strategic implementation – working with you to develop a method of rolling out your strategy within the organisation
As strategic management consultants, we will work with you to make the choices that will help to maximise your ambition, understand the capabilities of your organisation and the realities of the marketplace.